You can cancel the payment of the purchased product only for "Jewel" within 7 days from the date of purchase.

If you want to cancel your payment, please refer to the following payment cancellation restrictions and application procedures to receive inquiries through the customer support function in the game.

■ Payment Cancellation Restrictions

1. If seven days are exceeded from the date of purchase of the goods.

2. Where goods and items acquired from the goods have already been used in whole or in part.

3. If use begins immediately after purchase or applies directly to services (e.g. packages, monthly fixed-rate products)

4. In the case of a gift or gift from another user.

5. Opening actions can be seen as product use, or the effect is determined at opening (e.g., stochastic items)

6. If the benefit has already been used on the item on which additional benefits are provided.

7. Goods and items obtained free of charge through events and content compensation in the course of service use.

8. Other cases where the company determines that cancellation of payment is restricted.

■ Cancellation of minor payment

Purchases of products by minors without the consent of their legal representatives can be canceled. However, cancellation of payment may be restricted in the following cases.

1. Where the payment of goods by a minor is within the scope of the property permitted by the legal representative.

2. Where a minor proceeds with the payment of goods by fraudulent means.

The user of the product payment shall be judged based on the basis of the consent of the person in the name of the device and the method of payment, and if necessary, the user shall be judged on the basis of documents proving the minor and his legal representative. In this process, you may request the submission of relevant documents.

■ Payment Cancellation Procedure

If you want to cancel the purchase by mistake, please submit an inquiry in the game with the information below.

1. Inquiry Receipt Form

- Member number:

- Request: (e.g. cancellation of payment / non-payment of goods)

- Payment store:

- Payment account:

- Payment product name/amount:

- Order number: (e.g. GPA.1234-1234-1234-56789)

2. How to Receive Inquiries

- Touch the game screen bottom right setting (toothwheel) button

- Account → Touch and receive inquiries

- If game access is not available, contact customer support email (