TERMS OF SERVICE (including consent to receive event push)

Effective Date: September 10, 2020

By accessing and playing KAMP games, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the latest version of these Terms of Service. KAMP reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. In this case, we will post the revised terms on this page and display the date of the most recent change above. You agree to read all notifications we send you and to periodically check this page for updates to these terms.

Article 1 Purpose

These Terms shall specify the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the company and its members, and other necessary matters related to the use of game services provided by KAMP (hereinafter “company”) to wired and wireless networks. Is intended for.

Article 2 Definition of terms

Definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows. Interpretation of terms not defined shall be in accordance with relevant laws and business practices.

1. "Company" means an operator that provides "game services" through wired and wireless communication networks.

2. "Member" means a person who is entitled to use the "Game Service" by agreeing to the provision of this agreement and personal information.

3. "Game Service" means any game service provided by the Company.

4. “Open Market” means an application such as Apple's App Store, Google's Play Store, or One Store, or a mail-order intermediary site or application that mediates the sale of “Paid Services”.

5. "Open market operator" means the operator who operates the "open market".

6. “Paid service” means various digital contents (including goods, items, and other paid contents) and various services provided by the “company” for a fee.

7. "Payment company" means a company that provides electronic payment methods that can be used in the "open market" such as credit card and mobile phone payments.

Article 3 Clarification and revision of the agreement

1. The "company" will notify the "member" of the contents of this agreement by posting it to the "game service" menu or community so that the "member" can understand it, or by providing a connection screen.

2. "Company" will take measures to allow "members" to ask and answer questions about the contents of this agreement.

3. The "Company" must be created in such a way that the person who intends to use the "Game Service" (hereinafter "User") can easily understand the contents of the Terms of Use and agree to the Terms of Use before In order for the "user" to easily understand the important contents of the stipulated contents, it will be processed in bold type, or another connection screen or popup screen will be provided to obtain consent.

4. "Companies" are "laws on consumer protection in electronic commerce, etc.", "laws on regulation of clauses", "laws on promotion of game industry", "laws on promotion of information and communication network use and information protection", " You can revise this agreement to the extent that it does not violate related laws such as "Content Industry Promotion Law".

5. If the “Company” amends the rules, specify the date of application, the content of the amendment, the reason for the revision, etc., and at least 7 days prior to the date of application, any changes that are unfavorable to the member or that are large will be applied from 30 days before. Until a considerable period of time has passed after the day has passed, the notification will be announced on the initial screen of the "Game Service" via possible electronic means such as notification message (Push Notification) and community.

6. If the “company” amends the agreement, after confirming the amended clause, confirm whether the “member” agrees to apply the amended clause. If you also inform us of the fact that the "Member" has agreed to not consent or refuse the manifestation when the revised agreement is announced, and if the "Member" does not indicate the intention to refuse until the enforcement of this agreement, , Can be deemed to have agreed to the revised Terms.

7. If the "Member" does not agree to the application of the revised rules, the "Company" or "Member" may cancel the "Game Service" usage contract.

Article 4 Extra-Terms and Regulations

The matters not defined in this agreement and the interpretation of this agreement are "Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Transactions", "Act on Regulation of Act", "Act on Promotion of Game Industry", "Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information" We will comply with related laws and regulations such as "Protection Law" and "Content Industry Promotion Law" and the company's operating policy.

Article 5 Operation Policy

1. The "company" protects the interests of "members" and establishes a specific range of terms of use in order to maintain order in the world of games, and delegates the matters entrusted to "game service" operating policy (hereinafter " Management policy").

2. The "company" notifies the "members" of the contents of the "operation policy" by posting to the "game service" menu or community so that the "members" can understand or providing a connection screen.

3. In the case of revision of the "Operation Policy", which has the same effect as obtaining a significant change in the rights or obligations of the "Member" or changing the contents of the Terms, please follow the procedure of Article 3. However, if the revision of the "Operating Policy" falls under any of the following items, the prior notice may be replaced by the publicly known method in paragraph.

- To revise the items entrusted by defining the specific scope of the Terms of Use\

- When amending matters that are not related to the rights and obligations of the "member"

- When the contents of the "Operation Policy" are basically the same as those stipulated in this agreement, and the "Member" amends within a predictable range.

Article 6 Provision of personal information and information regarding transaction conditions

1. "Company" identification information can be confirmed on the download screen or game service in the open market.

2. The terms and conditions of "paid service" are as follows. For other specific items, please refer to the information provided on that page as there is a guide such as the download/sales screen in the "Open Market".

- Manufacturer: KAMP

- Terms of use and period of use: According to the content announced separately to the game service (if the period of use is not displayed, consider the period until the end date of the "game service")

- Product provision method: Immediate payment to the user name (character) purchased in the game

- Minimum system specifications, required software: Each "game service" according to the minimum announced star specifications

- Payment amount and method: According to the payment amount and payment method announced separately for "Game service" (the actual billing amount may differ depending on the exchange rate and fees when settingtled in a foreign currency)

- Effect of application withdrawal or cancellation/cancellation of contract: According to Article 19, Article 20, Article 21, Article 22 of this agreement

- Consultation method: "Game service" My inquiry or e-mail

Article 8 Community Service

1. "Company" can provide bulletin board service (hereinafter "community service") so that a large number of users can freely exchange their intentions and promote friendship.

2. When "members" participate in individual communities to use "community services", information on "members" must be disclosed to cafe managers and staff for smooth service operation. there is.

3. "Community service" is a service that is provided in conjunction with information from external platforms, so "members" will be provided with normal services when they lose their platform company membership or withdraw from platform membership. May not be done.

4. The "company" can establish the operation policy of the "community service" in order to protect the interests of the "member" and provide a sound service environment, and the "member" is obliged to comply with this. "Company" notifies "Members" by posting the contents of "Community Services" operating policy on the "Community Services" homepage so that "Members" can understand.

Article 9 Acceptance and restrictions of application

1. The "user" who wants to become a "member" must apply for use by providing the information necessary for using the "game service" and agreeing to the terms of use.

2. The "company" may not have consented to the application for use that falls under any of the following items.

- When the information of another person or mobile device is stolen

- If you are going to use the "Game Service" for the purpose of criminal acts prescribed by the criminal law,

- If you intend to use the "game service" for the purpose contrary to the purpose of the Youth Protection Law,

- In countries where the "company" has not yet decided to provide the service, if you try to use the "game service",

- If you are going to use the "game service" for the purpose of profit,

- If you intend to use the "Game Service" for the purpose of violating other existing laws,

3. When "Company" completes the procedure for "Member" agreement with this agreement and the input of information necessary for using "Game Service", if there is no matter to withhold consent or refuse, "Game Service" immediately To be available. However, if you are found to refuse consent after the fact, you can cancel the usage restrictions or contract based on the provisions of the Terms of Use.

4. The “Company” can approve the usage application by adding the condition to restrict the usage according to the usage class based on the related laws or the rating policy of “Open Market”.

Article 10 Protection and management of personal information

1. The "Company" will endeavor to protect the personal information of "Members" including account information, as required by relevant laws. Regarding protection and use of personal information of "Members", related laws and the handling policy of personal information notified separately by "Company" will be applied.

2. The nickname, photo, status information, etc. entered by "Member" may be disclosed to many for competition with communication with other members.

3. "Company" protects the personal information of "members" who have not used the service for one consecutive year based on "Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection" and the Enforcement Order of the Act. You can cancel the contract and take necessary measures such as destroying personal information or separating and storing in another DB. In this case, 30 days before the date of action, the "member" will be notified of the expiration date of the personal information retention period and the personal information items.

4. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 4, if the "company" defines a different period under other laws or if the period is different in accordance with the request of the "member", during the period the "company" You can store personal information.

5. "Company" shall not be held responsible for all information including "Member" account information exposed by "Member" carelessly.

Article 11 Company obligations

1. The "Company" will comply with applicable laws and regulations, and will faithfully fulfill the obligations and obligations set forth in this Agreement based on faith.

2. The "Company" must announce and comply with the privacy policy if the "member" must have a security system to protect personal information so that the "game service" can be used safely by "members". The "Company" will not disclose or provide the personal information of the "Member" to a third party, except as provided in this Agreement and Privacy Policy.

3. "Company" was improving the service to provide "continuous and stable" game service". When equipment is damaged or data is lost, natural disasters, emergencies, current technology Unless there are compelling reasons such as unsolvable defects and failures, we will do our best to repair or restore it without delay.

Article 12 Obligation of members

1. "Members" must not:

- Enter false content when applying for use or changing information

- Stealing information from others

- Acts of misrepresenting "company" employees, operators, and other related parties

- Change of information published by "Company"

- Acts of producing, distributing, using, or advertising programs, devices, or devices that the "company" does not provide or approve.

- Infringement of intellectual property rights such as copyright of "company" and other third parties

- Acts that damage the honor of the "company" or other third parties or interfere with the business.

- Acts that disclose or post obscene or violent words or sentences, images, sounds, or other information that violates public order and morals.

- Disposal (transfer, sale) of game data for a fee, or act as an object of rights (providing collateral, lending, etc.)

- Use of the "game service" for the purpose of profit, sales, advertising, political activities, etc. without the consent of the "company".

- Other prohibited acts, acts of good manners, or acts that are unacceptable due to social norms.

2. "Member" is obliged to confirm and comply with the notices and notices issued by the "company" related to these Terms and "Game Service".

3. The "company" can define the specific type of action that falls under any of the following paragraphs 1, 2 and each of the following items in the "operational policy", and the "member" can There is an obligation to comply.

- Restrictions on "Game Service" My Names such as "Member" character names and guild names

- Chat content and method restrictions

- Restrictions on using bulletin boards

- Gameplay restrictions

- Other matters that are deemed necessary by the "company" for the operation of the "game service", as long as they do not infringe the right to use the "game service".

Article 13 Change of service and change of content

1. The world of games provided by "company" to "members" through "game service" is a virtual world created by "company", and "company" is the production, modification, maintenance and maintenance of the contents of "game service". Has comprehensive authority over.

2. The "company" can modify the "game service" according to operational and technical needs. When modifying the "game service", the modified "game service" initial screen The company will not be liable for any damages resulting from the loss of expectations or advantages of "members" due to changes in "game services".

Article 14 Provision and interruption of services

1. "Game service" will be provided during the time determined based on the business policy of "company".

2. When downloading or using the application via the network, additional charges such as data usage fees specified by the mobile communication company may be incurred, so we recommend using Wifi.

3. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1, if any of the following items apply, the "game service" may not be provided during a certain period of time, and during that time, "Company" is not obligated to provide "Game Services".

- When necessary for maintenance and replacement of information and communication equipment, regular inspections, and changes to the contents of "Game Service"

- When it is necessary to cope with electronic infringement accidents such as hacking, communication accidents, abnormal game usage of "members", unexpected instability of "game service"

- When it is impossible to provide a normal "game service" due to natural disasters, emergencies, power outages, failure of service facilities or runaway of service use.

- In case of "company" management, such as division of company, merger, business transfer, abolition of business, deterioration of profit of "game service"

4. In the case of item 3, item 1, the "company" may suspend the "game service" on a weekly or bi-weekly basis for a fixed period of time. In this case, the “company” will inform the fact at least 24 hours before through the “game service” initial screen, community, etc.

5. The "Company" may suspend the "Game Service" without prior notice in the case of item 3, item 2. In this case, the fact can be announced afterwards through the "Game Service" initial screen or community.

6. "Company" is not responsible for any damages caused to "Member" in connection with the use of the free service provided by "Company". However, this does not apply to damages caused by the Company's intentional or gross negligence.

7. In the case of items 3 to 4 in Section 3, the "company" is required for technical and operational purposes, and all "game services" can be discontinued. In this case, 30 days in advance, we will inform you through the "Game Service" initial screen, community, etc. If there is unavoidable circumstances that you cannot notify in advance, you can notify us afterwards.

8. If the "Company" terminates the game service pursuant to the provisions of Paragraph 7, the "Member" will not be able to claim damages for free services, paid services whose usage period has expired, or term items.

Article 15 Collection of information

1. "Company" can save and store all chat contents held between "Members" in "Game Service". "Company" browses this information only when it determines that "Company" is necessary for coordinating disputes with "Members", handling complaints and maintaining game order. You cannot view the third party who owns only and is not authorized by law. Before browsing the information, the "company" will inform the individual in advance why the chat information is required to be browsed and the scope of the browsing. However, theft, processing, confirmation, and lice of account information theft, cash transactions, language violence, deception such as in-game fraud, abuse of bugs, other current law violations and serious rule violations stipulated in these Terms If it is necessary to browse the chat information of the "member" in relation to the extermination, the reason why the chat information was browsed to the individual who was browsed after the fact and the portion of the browsed information that was relevant to the person I will announce.

2. Public chat, in which a large number of "members" have conversations, excludes the provisions of the notification in paragraph 1.

3. The "company" collects device information, OS information and version, carrier information used, service usage records, etc. to improve "game service" quality such as operation of "game service" and stabilization of programs. You can take advantage of it.

Article 16 Provision of information and posting of advertisements

1. "Company" can post advertisements through banners, PPLs, charging stations, etc. within "Game Service", and "Members" who agree to these Terms agree to advertise "Game Service". Is considered as a thing. This advertisement may be associated with areas and pages provided by third parties, and "Company" does not guarantee the reliability, stability, etc. of the advertisement page. The "Company" is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the "Member"'s participation in or communication with or trading with the advertiser's promotional activities.

2. The "company" can send various information such as events by means of e-mail, LMS/SMS, notification message (Push Notification), etc. only to "members" who have agreed to receive. If you do not wish to receive advertisements, you can refuse to receive advertisements at any time, and the "company" will not send advertising information to "members" who refuse to receive advertisements.

Article 17 Attribution of copyright, etc.

1. The copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the content produced by the "company" are the property of the "company".

2. "Member" means the information obtained by using the "Game Service" provided by the "Company" and whose intellectual property rights belong to the "Company" or the Provider. You may not use it for commercial purposes by copying, transmitting, publishing, distributing, broadcasting or any other method without prior consent of, or let it be used by a third party.

3. For the content of users of "members" who are not integrated with "game service" (for example, postings on general bulletin boards), "company" is commercial without the explicit consent of "members". Without using, "Members" can delete the content of these users at any time.

4. "Company" posts or registers "Game Service" by "Members", if the posted contents are judged to be prohibited acts prescribed in these Terms and Operating Policy, You can delete it, move it, or decline the registration without notice.

5. “Users” whose legal interests have been violated by information posted on bulletin boards operated by “Company” must request deletion of information applicable to “Company” or posting of objections. I can. In this case, the "company" will immediately take the necessary action and notify the applicant.

Article 18 Payment settlement

1. The price of the "pay service" is based on the price displayed at the shop in the game, etc., but there is a difference in the estimated payment amount at the time of purchase and the actual billed amount due to the exchange rate and the fee at the time of foreign currency settlement You may.

2. "Member" means to pay the payment amount according to the policy, method, etc. established by "Open Market Operator" or "Payment Company".

3. Settlement limit can be adjusted by "company" and "open market operator", "payment company" policy and government policy.

Article 19 Cancellation and cancellation of members

"Member" accepts cancellation application by inquiring about game service menu or e-mail if you want to cancel the game service usage contract.

When the withdrawal is completed, all the "member" game usage information will be deleted and cannot be recovered.

Article 20 Cancellation and cancellation of company

1. If the "member" violates the obligations of the "member" stipulated in this agreement, the "company" may cancel the contract after the "member" notifies in advance. However, if the "member" causes damage to the "company" by violating the current law and knowingly or by gross negligence, the user can cancel the usage contract without prior notice.

2. In the case of the proviso of paragraph 1, the "member" loses the right to use the "paid service" and cannot claim refund or damages.

Article 21 Restriction on service for members

1. "Company" can restrict "Members" use of "Game Service" according to the following categories. You can set the specific reason for breach of the usage restriction in the "operating policy" of each game.

- Restricting some account privileges: Restricting account schedule privileges for a certain period

- Account usage restrictions: Restrict usage of "game service" for a certain period or permanently

2. If the usage restrictions of the "company" are valid, the "company" will not compensate the damage incurred by the "member" due to the usage restrictions.

Article 22 (Restrictions on use as provisional measures

1. The “Company” may suspend the account until the investigation of the issue corresponding to each issue is completed.

- If you receive a valid claim that your account has been hacked or stolen,

- When it is reasonably suspected by an illegal person such as an illegal program, user, or operator

- In addition, when the provisional measures of the account are necessary due to the reasons similar to the above items

2. "Companies" will only pay a certain amount in proportion to the usage period of "Game service" after the completion of the survey in Section 1 and will be used by "Members" only for the period during which they are suspended Service "Extend the usage period. However, if it is found to be an illegal act pursuant to paragraph 1, this shall apply.

Article 23 Procedure for opposition to use restrictions)

1. If the “Member” does not agree to the usage restrictions of the “Company”, please submit the objection application to the “Company” in writing or by e-mail within 15 days.

2. The "Company" must respond within 15 days from the date of receipt of the opposition in paragraph 1 by reason, in writing, by e-mail or in a similar manner, regarding the reasons for the restriction of "Member". If it is difficult to answer within 15 days, the "company" will notify the "member" of the reason and the processing schedule.

3. The “company” must take appropriate measures depending on the content of the above response.

Article 24 Damage compensation

1. If the "Company" intentionally or grossly negligently damages the "Member", the "Company" is responsible for the damages.

2. If the "Member" violates this agreement and damages the "Company", the "Member" is responsible for compensation for the damage of the "Company".

Article 25 Refund

1. When a "Member" applies for a refund for a paid good purchased directly (hereinafter "goods"), the "Company" collects or deletes the "Goods" and starts the date when the documents necessary for the refund are received. Within 3 business days, we will request the cancellation of charges from the "open market operator" or refund. When refunding, we will deduct a certain amount of money (hereinafter referred to as "refund fee") for refund such as bank transfer and settlement agency fee. When deducting "Refund Fee" If the remaining amount after deduction is less than "Refund Fee", you cannot refund.

2. If the "member" incurs an incorrect amount of money due to the "company"'s responsible reason, the refund will be made without deducting the "refund fee", and if the error occurs due to the "member"'s responsible cause, The "refund fee" will be borne by the "member".

3. Charges (call charges, data charges) incurred by using application downloads and network services are excluded from the refund.

4. "Companies" will not be refunded for "goods" that are provided to "Members" free of charge, or "Gifts" presented by other "Members".

5. Refunds may be restricted if you cancel the contract due to "members" reasons such as violation of current laws and major agreements.

Article 26 Company liability exemption

1. "Company" is exempt from liability if "Game Service" cannot be provided due to war, incident, natural disaster, emergency situation, technical defect that cannot be solved by current technology, or other force majeure reasons. Will be done.

2. "Company" is exempted from liability for "Game Service" cancellation, trouble of use and cancellation of contract due to "member"'s reason.

3. "Company" is exempted from liability if the telecommunications carrier suspends the service or damages to "Members" that it does not provide, if there is no gross negligence of "Company".

4. The "Company" intends to seriously or seriously inform the "Company" in the event that the "Game Service" is stopped or fails due to unavoidable reasons such as repairs, replacements, periodic inspections, and construction of publicly known facilities You will be exempted from liability unless there is gross negligence.

5. "Company" is exempt from liability for problems caused by "member" terminal environment and problems caused by "company" network environment without intentional or gross negligence.

6. "Company" is the intention of "Company" regarding the contents such as information, materials, factual reliability and accuracy posted or transmitted in "Game Service" or "Community Service" by "Member" or a third party. Or exempt from liability unless there is gross negligence.

7. The "Company" has no obligation to intervene in a dispute that occurs between "Members" or between "Members" and a third party through "Game Services", and is not responsible for any damages resulting from this.

8. In the case of the free service of "Game Service" provided by "Company", "Company" does not compensate for damages, unless "Company" intentionally or grossly negligently.

9. "Company" is not responsible for the loss or loss of results, such as characters, experience points, items, etc. that "Members" expect from "Game Services". Except for eclectic or damage caused by use, unless the company is willful or grossly negligent, liability is exempted.

10. "Company" is exempt from liability for "Member"'s loss of game prizes, cyber assets, reputations, characters, etc., unless there is intentional or gross negligence of "Company".

11. "Company" is exempt from liability in the event of damage caused by "member" terminal error.

Article 27 Members' complaint processing/dispute resolution

1. "Company" provides a method of presenting the opinions and dissatisfactions of "Members" through the "Game service" menu in consideration of the convenience of "Members".

2. The "Company" will promptly process the opinions and dissatisfactions raised by the "Members" within a reasonable period of time when it is justified. However, if the processing takes a long time, the reason why the processing will take a long time and the processing schedule will be announced to the "Game service" such as the initial screen or community, or notified by e-mail or in writing.

3. A dispute occurs between the "company" and the "member", and the "company" coordinated by the third dispute coordination agency certifies matters such as usage restrictions taken by the "member" and responds to the coordination of the coordination agency.

Article 28 Notification to Members

1. "Company" can notify "Member" by email, LMS/SMS, notification message (Push Notification), etc.

2. If notification is required for all "members", you can replace the notification in paragraph 1 by posting it on the "Company" "Game Service" initial screen or posting a pop-up screen for 7 days or more.

Article 29 jurisdiction and applicable law

This agreement has been interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Korea, and if a lawsuit has been filed in a dispute between a "company" and a "member", the court in accordance with the procedure stipulated in the law shall be the competent court. I will.


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